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Post by xLiNtYRoCkSx on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:08 am

I think the community would benefit greatly if it could afford to move from forumotion to Enjin. I have owned my own community, and also been Admin/Super Admin on about 5. Enjin is a great starting point for communities, mainly because it is cheap, and comes with a bunch of features.
There are three different plans you can choose from, Free, Advanced and Ultimate.
I currently use Enjin for other purposes, YouTube communities, etc... and I really recommend it, it's worth the money!

Free features:

  • Ad's enabled
  • Core features
  • No Teamspeak
  • 20 website modules
  • Free layouts
  • Mobile version
  • Recruitment listing
  • Shop system (Useful for donating for 'pet' flags)

Advanced features:

  • No ad's
  • Advanced features
  • 10 user mumble/teamspeak server
  • 50 modules
  • Free & Community layouts
  • Mobile version
  • Recruitment listing++
  • Shop system
  • Theme editor
  • DDOS Protection
  • Full domain manager
  • 5 Tag & Rank Automations (Admin, Moderator, etc)
  • Site & Forum logs

Ultimate features:

  • Unlimited website modules
  • Premium layouts
  • Mobile version
  • Recruitment listing+++
  • Shop system
  • Theme editor
  • DDOS protection
  • Full domain manager
  • 50 Tag & Rank Automations
  • In-depth Logs
  • Multi-theme pages
  • Smiley manager
  • Branding control

Prices and more can be found at www(dot)enjin(dot)com/features/plans I can't post links Sad

I hope this helped somewhat! Thank you for reading!


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Enjin Websites Empty Re: Enjin Websites

Post by Borg184 on Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:19 pm

If I recall correctly, I suggested Enjin when we were first setting up the server, however we went with forumotion because Gerby didn't like Enjin IIRC.

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