Rules & Regulations! IMPORTANT! (For STALKER)

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Rules & Regulations! IMPORTANT! (For STALKER) Empty Rules & Regulations! IMPORTANT! (For STALKER)

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:19 pm

1. You may not RDM. Do not kill another character without a good reason, and you must be able to explain to an administrator how you had a valid reason if asked.

2. You may not metagame, or in other words, use information acquired Out-of-Character (OOC) In-Character (IC.).

3. When your character is killed, you must follow the 'New Life Rule'; you forget twenty minutes prior to your death and all the most recent events before the death.

4. Once you are detained by the authorities, you should behave properly and do what you are told to do.

5. Do not attempt to kill another character by using props as it will result in a permanent ban.

6. You may not spam in any way, whether it is by using the chat, spawning props, or anything else.

7. Do not pretend to be someone you are not Out of Character (OOC).

8. You may not cheat in any way, nor use exploits in the gamemode to receive special benefits or bother other players.

9. You must use the chat system in a correct way. You may not write OOC messages in the IC chat etc.

10. You may not use offensive or rude language OOC. You may not offend anybody OOC.

11. You may not disconnect from the server or change character to avoid roleplay.

12. You may not prop-spam, prop-push, prop-fly, prop-block, prop-climb or build anything that other people find disturbing.

13. You may not build anything close to where players spawn, any public area or any faction property.

14. Your character's physical description must be in full English.

15. You may not abuse your whitelist.

16. Your character is not over-powered and must have both strenghts and weaknesses like everybody else.

17. You may not disrespect the server staff, as their decisions are the final decisions.

18. You must always roleplay. You have a character which you are bound to.

19. You must roleplay fear. In a situation where you would be scared in reality, your character would be scared as well. The only time when one can lose fear is when one has lost the will to live.

20. Your character is placed in the Half-Life universe, and he must act according to it.

21. The server is always S2M (Shoot to Miss) meaning, purposely miss your shots, unless both parties fighting agree to S2K (Shoot to Kill), and it must be discussed before the engagement begins, if the engagement is definitely going to happen. However, when S2King, you must /me your shots, and/or actions. But, when S2Ming, you do not.

22. You must use common sense and respect your fellow players.

23. You must always try to use good grammar. Type properly and use correct grammar at all times to keep it professional and realistic. You may not use full sentences with uppercase nor lowercase letters. Exceptions can be made to uppercase for example caps lock issues, but they must be corrected.

24. You may not use the voice chat PERIOD. If caught doing so, you will be banned.

25. You may not rob people of money or items in their lockers or bank accounts. Items robbed from characters must come directly from their inventory.

26. You must have a proper character name. Names that are relevant to the Half Life 2 story line must receive authorization from a Senior Administrator. You may not have famous people's names or have weird names such as Ben Dover.

27. You may not DM nor seek DM at any area of the map other than the slums, without a highly well-developed RP reason.

28. You must roleplay injuries. When you are shot in your leg, your character will not be able to run, etc.

29. The roll command is purely for gambling and other similar in-character situations.

30. You may not mingegrab. Use a /me and roleplay properly when taking an item.

31. You may not abuse broadcasters or advertisements.

32. If you rob someone and the person being robbed does not resist anything and act politely, you may not kill the person you have robbed after he/she has paid the price.

33. Do not kill for personal greed. This includes, but is not limited to, killing other players for their equipment.

34. You may never counter-break rules; break a rule because someone else broke one too. Rule breakage is never acceptable.

35. Cybering is permitted. BUT, rape is not, unless both parties agree, or it is used by a JUDGE unit for torture.

36. You may be somewhat of a racist in-character, but if someone tells you to stop out of character, your character must instantly stop.

37. If you have a weapon equipped, everyone can see it. To hide your weapon, you must always use your inventory and never your physical description.

38. People who argue and whine on the server will be banned. If you want to bring up criticism, you should do it in the right section on the forums in a formal and professional manner.

39. You may not transfer money or items between your own characters.

40. Do not spawn props during a combat situation.

41. Do not abuse your physgun, toolgun or prop spawning abilities in any way, or you will lose your ability to have them.

42. Parkour is permitted to some extent, while freerunning is forbidden.

43. Dodging bullets/arrows/other fast objects is not possible. We are not in Matrix.

44. There will be no permanent kills during admin-created events.

45. Voiding a situation requires an administrator's approval (A situation. You can always make little jokes then write "[LOOC]: Void.".).

46. Do not commit a crime if you do not have enough time to roleplay its consequences.

47. If you would like to play a character under the age of 20 years old, please contact a Senior Administrator.

48. When killed, if it is NLR, your inventory is wiped -- whether or not this happens will be voted by the admins present. If none are, the player(s) involved will decide. (Effective as of13/04/2014.)


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