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Post by somekoolkid on Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:20 pm

Use and Purpose of the Database:
The Metro police Database allows access to all metro police personal to keep logs of the following for any unit to reference.

Units are allowed to report:
People of Interest
Locations with heavy activity
Secret hideout's
Anything of importance that happened on a patrol
Citizen reports
Personal Notes
Confirmed Anti-Citizen reports

People of Interest: A unit may report a description and or name of a citizen so other units may keep a look out for this individual or a group of people

Heavy Activity: If a unit notices a building with a high amount of traffic they may report it so other units are aware of what is going on and can keep a closer eye on the reported location

Secret hideout's: A Unit may report the location of an Anti-citizen made stash spot or hide out for all units to be aware of.
(OOC): The unit making this report can only report its location if it is seen, if they learn how to open the door through interrogation or a snitch then they may report it other wise abuse of this option in the database will result in complete voiding of the log. No excuses.

Anything of Importance & Personal Notes: A unit may log something interesting or importance on their patrol or just a personal note to remember something.

Citizen Reports: If a citizen reports an incident to a unit they must record the report.

Be on the look out (BoL):If a unit is attempting to track down a person they may record any and all information present on the person for other units to keep looking.

Confirmed Anti-Citizen report: Units may log any and all information on a confirmed Aiti-Citizens.
(If this is abused all information will be voided)


.::Accessing U-U Database....
.:: . . . .
.:: . . . .
.:: Please Log in . . .
.:: Username: (Unit Name)
.:: Password: *****
.:: . . . .
.:: Logging in . . . .
.:: Welcome Please select an option . . . .
.:: <Mainframe/Database/Report/CreateReport
.:: Please wait . . . .
.:: Report Name:
.:: Subtext:
.:: Report:

.:: Log off . . . .
.:: Logging Off . . . .
.:: Welcome Please log in . . . .


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