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    Sat May 03, 2014 7:16 pm
    Message by ShadyNasty - lore shit
    -May of 2003, various portal storms occur, mostly in desolate areas of little to no population, making them seem like UFO tales or bigfoot. Little known to a large majority of the public, these storms were the product of an experiment within Black Mesa, and they allowed for creatures from a planet known as Xen, to reach Earth's surface, albeit in small numbers at the time.

    -March of 2003, A myriad of portals open over Earth's atmosphere, flooding the Earth with what are now known as gunships, striders, hunters, and other devastating SYNTH creatures. This creating the largest war known to mankind, and the first war against unknown life forms. This war lasted 7 hours, and Earth was declared 'surrendered' by an administrator named Wallace Breen, from a previous testing facility known as "Black Mesa". The so called 'combine' begin turning war leftovers into brainwashed ground soldiers called the Overwatch Transhuman Arm, for use of control over the human race, after the war was over. Humanity lost 80% of it's population that day.

    -Late March of 2003, the combine teleport a giant off-world constructed skyscraper, known as "The Citadel", somewhere in south-western Russia. This building puts Earth's current skyscrapers to shame in height alone, and it can be seen from many places in south-western Russia. The established city of The Citadel is known as City 17.

    -July of 2003, the Combine have established many cities, and began to produce units for what is called the "Metropolice Force" to maintain control of the human population they have forced into cities.

    -The 3 years following, humans set up various refugee groups and begin taking up arms of nuetralized Overwatch and Metropolice alike, in preparation for a mass rebellion, to show humanity has not given up yet.

    -April of 2006, the Combine begin discovering pieces of this group, extracting information from suspected citizens with ties to a rebellion. At this time the group consists of many people actively assisting citizens within cities and helping them escape when need be, using a checkpoint controlled escape system through various abandoned city areas that lead to what is called "the outlands".

    -September of 2006, a mass rebellion in preperation ends. The Combine extract information from a citizen about the location of a base, more specifically, the rebellion's headquarters. The inner circle and armed men and women of this group, consisted of around 40 people, all of them slaughtered by Overwatch soldiers, hunters and even a strider came into play.

    -The 4 years following, the announcment of this rebellion destruction was suppressing to many citzens, causing mass cooperation, depression, and years for another rebellion to even start.

    -Early 2010, another rebellion is in the works, this time on a smaller scale, and much more compartmentalized. It is known among the small numbers of the group that there is one leader, though his identity has remained unknown to all.

    -January 2011, City 36, located in an unkown area in the Ukraine, is destroyed when a defected unit manages to get back into the system, and initiate a core overload of the city's Nexus. The ex-unit that caused the destruction of the entire city, is presumed to have not escaped the city in time.

    -May of 2011, current day, the anniversary of the 8th year since the invasion, makes another gloomy day among the human race.

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