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Teamspeak Information. Empty Teamspeak Information.

Post by somekoolkid on Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:55 pm

Teamspeak Info:
There is no password on the server.

Official AOU Rules and regulations is located here:

As far as server rules:
1.)Respect All Players and Admins
2.)All Radio channels can be used for IC purposes but when Critical roleplay happens I.E when you get into a firefight with someone or if you are being mugged an admin needs to be present in the channel to prevent metagaming.
3.)General chat is not an IC section.
4.)If you have a problem with someone in the teamspeak feel free to talk to SomeKoolKid, Silentwisher, or any one with a red S shield or Grey O Shield next to their name.

You are allowed in any channel then you can connect to, feel free to mingle with other members in the teamspeak because it is used by now Three communities -=AOU=- OverRule Gaming and Original Gangsters. I do ask that since Over rule and OG have the same letters for tags that you do not wear your tag in the teamspeak and you do not cause any problems with the tags. Also to make sure this does not become a problem I would like to point out that OG was their first so they will have more people on their side in the argument that you will not start. So please join and lets have some fun, -=AOU=- Will be having some community events that you may participate in if you would like too.


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