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Black Market Dealer Guide Empty Black Market Dealer Guide

Post by somekoolkid on Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:52 pm

.::Rules And Guidelines for Black Market Dealers::.


1.) If a weapon on the list says not available for sale do NOT sell it

2.) All weapons that are moderate and above ranking have a required wait time.

3.) Do not asspull weapons unless your character has enough tokens to buy them.

4.) Do not leave weapons laying around, Lock them up or remove them.

5.) Keep track who you sell what too, if too many payers are getting high grade weapons everyone will be brought in for questioning.

.::General Guide::.

1.) Any weapon with a grade moderate or above will have a rough wait time outlines below
a.) Moderate - 2 Days to a Week
b.) Semi rare - 4 Days to a Week and a half
c.) Rare - 1-2 Weeks
d.) Very Rare - Weeks Minimum - When convenient.
* Reason behind the wait times is because after the 7 hour war the combine destroyed MOST Weapons. Bob Very Happy and I took the time to look up information on the weapons in the
M9K pack and set prices and their grade based on Location, How many produced, MSRP, How powerful the weapon is, And relevance to role play.*

2.) I would ask that if you plan on being a weapons dealer that you do the same research i did weather its a forum or a Wikipedia on the weapons so you get a better
understanding on how often to sell what weapon.

3.) Vendor warfare is allowed how ever do some digging before you attack anyone.

4.) Please keep in mind that there is Supply and Demand and you are not funding an army. You are in the buisness of making money and giving people the opportunity to protect
them selves so do not hand out weapons like they are candy. No caps No guns.

5.) Ammo is allowed to be asspulled to an extent, You can have infinite ammo to sell but do not shove a few thousand rounds up your rear.

-= Violation of the rules and guide stated above will result in suspension or complete removal of all BMD flag's.=-

*Please note this guide was made for the M9K pack, We will look into installing it in the near future but the guide applies to all weapons*


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