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Post by ShadyNasty on Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:31 pm

So, you've made your application, it's been accepted, you've been given the whitelist and you have a brand new Metropolice character.

Welcome to hell.

You thought they were harsh on citizens? Most would tell you you're wrong, and that they treat their units even worse. This is just less seen.

Some servers make being a recruit easy. We aim to harden our units to make them the best of the best. It isn't going to be easy, and you will be treated like dirt. The duration of being a recruit may last up to a week or longer (In real life).

You will see disgust from what used to be your fellow citizens as they despise you for betraying the human race, and you will see harsh treatment and ignorance of your very importance and being from your superiors. This all pushes your personality to many goals, combat effectiveness, loyalty to the Union, and an everlasting yet slowly growing cold view upon the human race itself, but don't get ahead of yourself. Right now you're still a citizen in a suit, literally.

You are hardly let out of the Nexus and if it happens at all, you will be paired with another unit for safety and mostly training purposes. You may argue that you have better rations than the citizen populace, and a safer place to sleep, but that is just a polished turd of expressions compared to what life as a Metropolice unit is like.

As any unit with the most basic knowledge of what their superiors are capable of would, you will generally show mass fear towards your commanding superiors. I'm not here to force you to "fear RP" I just want this guide to help describe in the best way possible, what being a recruit is actually like.

Our training regiment will consist of many physically and mentally straining activities, designed to break your character down and force them to rebuild themself from the brink, to prepare them for the worst scenarios possible. It will not be fun, it will not be quick, and it most definitely will not be easy.

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