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Post by ShadyNasty on Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:21 pm

Standard Issue
04 – No physical alterations.
03 – No physical alterations.
02 – Possibility of minor physical alterations if needed or requested by a divisional or higher
01 – Possibility of minor physical alterations if needed or requested by a divisional or higher.
OfC – Ability to receive MA1 to any amount of limbs requested.
EpU – Ability to receive Standard Overwatch augmentations to any amount of limbs requested.
DvL – Ability to receive MA2 to any amount of limbs requested.
CmD – Ability to receive MA3 to any amount of limbs requested.

MA1- Mass produced out of cheap materials and easy to integrate.
OAg (Overwatch augmentations)- Mass produced, used for every standard Overwatch soldier.
MA2- Exclusively produced for Elite Overwatch soldiers, and available for Divisional Leaders.
MA3-- Custom built and fabricated exclusively for high command Civil Authority.


Strength augmentations.
These augmentation increase a unit's average muscle strength. Having been increased to a designated strength limit, these are the listings to their limitations on ability. Due to their metallic infusions, these augments are highly susceptible to electricity that is not controlled.

MA1: 58kg (130 lbs.)
Standard Overwatch: 86kg (190 lbs.)
MA2: 113kg (250lbs.)
MA3: 136kg (300lbs.)

These augmentations reinforce bone tissue, making it harder for the bone to break under pressure. These augmentations permeate nerve function, so if a bone does manage to get damaged, it hurts worse for a unit with this augmentation, than it would for a normal human.

Cardio augmentations.
These augmentation increase and decrease blood flow at a controlled level, as well as reinforce the heart tissue and cell process, increasing the amount of stress/bpm your heart can handle. Receiving this augmentation has a factor to it. If a unit with this augmentation were to have their skin penetrated, the unit would bleed out faster than a normal human, and blood clotting would be hindered. A stab or a gunshot wound would kill a unit in under 6 minutes. A scratch or a slash would probably drain the unit of enough blood for them to become disoriented, but they wouldn't die if the wound is not too severe.

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