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Post by AbsoluteZero on Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:44 pm

The Zone Survival Guide Cooltext1530963104

(Yes, this is meant to be extremely sarcastic.)

1 Vodka, a cheap alternative to anti-rad meds, is the easiest way to reduce the effects of radiation on the body.
2 Technicians in stalker camps can upgrade your weapons, suits and helmets.
3 The weight you are carrying reduces your endurance. Excess weight will restrict your mobility, while being completely overloaded will stop you from moving altogether.
4 To wait an emission out, take cover in a reliable building or underground. When an emission is approaching, it will be announced via your PDA.
5 Weapon flatness affects bullet trajectory, while handling determines the time it takes the sight to return to its original position after firing.
6 You can use a bandage, a military medkit or Vinca drugs to stop bleeding. If you don't deal with it quickly, bleeding can lead to a slow and painful death.
7 Drugs don't take effect immediately and some last for quite a long time.
8 One of the most common threats in the Zone is radiation. Serious exposure will harm your health and can be terminal if not treated adequately.
9 Take some food with you when going out on a long raid. If you get really hungry, your combat efficiency will suffer greatly.
10 In addition to their useful effects, most artifacts are also radioactive. This can be compensated for by using artifacts that absorb radiation.
11 Your relations with people directly affect the price of goods and services you may wish to purchase. If your relationship is sour, don't expect a discount. If you're getting along well, the trader might even be inclined to offer you something special.
12 Mutants are more active come nighttime, which explains why stalkers prefer to wait for sunlight before venturing into the Zone.
13 Most stalkers can take you to nearby locations, but only an experienced guide can lead you safely and quickly to distant areas. Despite this, they will all charge you an arm and a leg for the service.
14 Selling artifacts isn't the only way to make some cash: offloading unneeded equipment can be a profitable business, too. Keep in mind that traders aren't usually interested in items that are seriously damaged.
15 Shotguns are close-combat weapons. The further your enemy is from you, the less effective they are.
16 When taking cover from small arms fire, make sure to hide behind something solid. Unlike concrete walls, wooden boards and sheet metal don't make for very safe cover.
17 Each type of mutant in the Zone has its own combat traits. If you take these into account, you will be far more likely to survive.
18 Don't underestimate pistols. They provide considerable stopping power and can be very effective against poorly armored targets.
19 Sniper rifles are ideal for eliminating enemies from a distance, thanks to their flatness and accuracy characteristics. They are less effective at close range.
20 The Zone has a life of its own, which means that there's always a chance of bumping into mutants or enemy stalkers in areas that you have already cleared.
21 You can leave your things in a personal box at the camp to avoid dragging around unnecessary stuff.
22 When out in the Zone, keep a couple of spare magazines on you - they're bound to come in handy.
23 Artifacts aren't just valuable loot: in addition to being light and expensive, they can often have extremely useful effects.

// Obviously a work in progress...

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